AWFUL MODS: Please do the industry a favor!


Not necessarily a complaint, but please don’t refer people to online retailers as a first option. They should be thought of as a backup plan. Please refer them to their local reputable body piercing studio for body jewelry first. Shops need jewelry sales to keep the doors open and by people just…

Straitjacketlily: I agree somewhat but I live in a shit Town in England and I can’t get any decent jewellery my size so I have no choice to buy on the internet and as a regular buyer from bodyartforms I couldn’t be happier with everything I’ve ever purchased. Its all fine and dandy if you live in the US where there is so much more choice, our biggest supplier is probably Wildcat they are so bad and again don’t supply a large enough size range, if you go into pretty much any shop that sells plugs ect its all the same from very limited suppliers!