The findings of Emma Hawkins, collector of curios, are dissected, carved and tweezer sewn by costumier Anna Cocciadiferro. Lacework of snake vertebrae, sea urchin cradled in stitch of hair, porcupine quill patchwork, goose feathers and stag beetles…the results are magnificent!
For their third collaboration, Emma Hawkins and Anna Cocciadiferro invited artist Polly Verity to exihibit her work at Comme des Garçons: Dover Street Market, London. Wish I could have seen these treasures up close!

Polly Verity’s delicate Hybrid miniatures are mythical creatures made with wire, paper, and natural elements such as horse hair and bone. In addition to her fantastic Bestiary, her website also boasts her amazing costumes designs and paper folding sculptures.

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